Service call

You can place service calls via:


As software is implemented, the software enters the maintenance and management phase. For this phase a SLA (Service Level Agreement) is drawn up. Because software evolves after implementation, there might be (small) changes made to the SLA (via the Quick Shop Service)


MEMIC employees decide (in accordance with the client) what the priority for the call is. On the basis of the priority, the maximum processing time of the call is determined. Below is the time for response- and handling time:

PriorityResponsetimeHandling time
    1 < 1 hour  4 hours
    2  2 hours  8 hours
    3  4 hoursafter consultation

We are closed on the following days:

Februari 27 and 28 Carnaval

April 14 Good Friday

April 17 Easter Monday

April 27, 28 Kingsday

May 5 Liberation

May 25 Ascension Day

May 26 bridge day

June 5 Whit Monday

Dec 25, 26 Christmas

Dec 27, 28, 29 bridge days