We facilitate different possibilities for data collection and data processing such as internet surveys, written questionnaires and interviews by telephone.

Internet surveys

For simple surveys we can support you with online solutions such as Qualtrics. For complex surveys we can produce very specific surveys that use more than just input fields. It is a possibility, for example, to make the questions asked depend on the answers to previous questions (complex routing). These surveys are custom-made by MEMIC.

We can also provide advanced forms of presentation that simplifies filling out the questionnaire for the respondent.


We recently developed a survey in which the respondent gets questions based on where he or she experiences pain. Instead of producing a list with body parts, we drew a human figure and gave the respondent the possibility to click on the corresponding body part.

Case report forms

MEMIC also produce Case Report Forms. We support using  Open Clinica or Castor electronic data capture (EDC). Or we can use our own developed tool Cdot .

Your can easily and safely collect data online. Castor adheres to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) regulations and has everything you need as a researcher: easily build you own eCRF without programming knowledge, multicenter support including advanced authorization management, stratified randomization, patient sutveys via e-mail, import (csv) & export (csv, excel, SPSS,…) data, real-time calculations and field dependencies, much more…

Additional services

  • Designing and processing (scanning or manual input) of paper questionnaires
  • Surveys by telephone
  • Designing of electronic Case Report Forms (eCRF) and making them available using Open Clinica, Castor or Cdot.
  • Processing of tests and exams.


We treat data with discretion. Your data is stored safely in a NEN 7510 certified environment. Our GCP-certified employees are aware of legislation and rules within the area of discrete usage and security of your data.

Data cleaning

Data cleaning is an important step to guarantee data quality. If desired, we can also provide a data cleaning process.