We build databases and data warehouses and manage these in a safe and certified environment. We can store complex data structures in such a way that you can extract your data through different channels.

Complex research data

We offer the possibility to store complex data structures. Moreover, source data is stored in the database and will remain unchanged so that it stays, if necessary, within reach. Also metadata is stored here. Metadata contains, for example, source references, but data is also stored here in order to enable different ways of exporting (SPSS).

We can also provide data cleaning so your data will be as trustworthy as possible.

Scientific purposes

MEMIC designs and develops datawarehouses for scientific purposes. Diverse kinds of data from different sources can be merged through ETL-tooling.

Data querying and presentation

MEMIC can also provide the requesting of data and presentation. Your data can be presented in different formats, for example graphics, diagrams or through other techniques of visualization. Due to the manner in which data is stored, you can request your data in many different kinds of variations

Reports and export possibilities

We can export your data in many different ways so that we can practically deliver it in any format you want. Some of the export possibilities:

  • XML
  • PDF
  • Excel
  • SPSS
  • CSV

We can also implement different (standard)tools to quickly request and analyse your data. For this we use Business Intelligence Tools, like Microsoft Powerpivot. we can always customize software Should standard tools not be sufficient. By doing this we provide reports that can support your research to the fullest.

Privacy and security of your data

Being able to store data safely is very important. That is why we choose to store seperately person identifiable data and research data. Our employees are GCP-certified and aware of legislation and rules within this area.