We design and develop custom software. We are specialized in software for the purpose of data management for scientific research. We are also experienced in and are open to the development of other software.

Logistical systems

MEMIC implements simple input software as well as complex logistical systems and trial  management systems. A logistical information system provides researchers with the means to execute scientific research and insights into the path that each participant takes.


The logistical guidance de Maastricht Studie is provided by a MEMIC logistical system.

Web, standalone and mobile

The advanced software that MEMIC develops are divided in web applications (applications that can be accessed over the internet) and stand-alone applications (locally installed devices). We use the most up-to-date techniques. Applications are developed with:

The database software (RDBMS) we use is Oracle 11.1.

Mobile apps are everywhere in our daily life. The apps we develop are available on the following platforms:

First find, then invent

We always look at existing solutions first. This can save you having to go through a development process. If the existing solution does not suffice or implementation is too expensive, we can create custom software. This way we guarantee an efficient and economical process.

Close customer contact

MEMIC designs, develops and implements custom software. This happens in close conjunction with the client. We use agile development methods. The customer comes first!


For each development process there are at least two people involved. This ensures high reliability. If one person is not available, another can take over.