Products and services

Custom software

We design and develop custom software. We are specialized in software for the purpose of data management for scientific research. We are also experienced in and are open to the development of other software.

Data analyses and statistics

MEMIC supports researchers with statistical analyses and interpretation of acquired data.

Project management and consultancy

With our experience in the area of research we can manage and advise you during the entire research process with regard to data management, IT, privacy and security.

Surveys, questionnaires and CRFs

We facilitate different possibilities for data collection and data processing such as internet surveys, written questionnaires and interviews by telephone.

Databases and data warehousing

We build databases and data warehouses and manage these in a safe and certified environment. We can store complex data structures in such a way that you can extract your data through different channels.

Data cleaning and data quality

We offer data cleaning and adhere to high standards when it comes to data quality. We maintain close contact with the researcher to ensure clean and reliable data. The original data is the source, analysis data the result.