How we operate

Our clients are our first prioriy. At MEMIC, you can count on honest advice. A question or assignment is studied within the context and together with the client we steer towards achievable solutions.


  1. We offer an orientation meeting and cost indication without obligation. Should you want to contact us, please use the contact form.
  2. When the request is clear and an agreement has been made, we prepare an action plan and proposition together with our client.
  3. We assign a personal contact to our client. Questions or remarks can be passed on to this person.

Unique selling points

  • All of our assignments are divided into projects. At least two persons with all needed knowledge will be working on your assignment. By doing this we make sure that your project will not be shut down and will not be delayed.
  • MEMIC has experts in diverse areas and competences. This means that we can adjust our team with regard to the client’s question. This is why MEMIC can be efficient and flexible.
  • If necessary, MEMIC can build its own software. This guarantees flexibility. If certain tools that can fulfill the clients wishes are, however, already available, we will not enter a new development process.


All our data managers are GCP-certified. Your data will be securely stored in a NEN 7510 certified environment. A Service Level Agreement (SLA) will be formulated for this.


We are active in a market that is constantly moving. New technologies are always arising and can be deployed to accomplish your project in a better, faster and cheaper way. Your questions and wishes function as our input. The outcome of these decisions can change over time. Therefore it is an iterative process:

  • What are your wishes?
  • What do we currently provide in our services?
  • What would we like to offer in the future?
  • Is there a potential partner with whom we could approach this?

Schematic of research data