MEMIC facilitates and supports the entire process of data collection, information management and knowledge extraction. You can choose to either have a part of your assignment executed by us or to outsource your entire project.

Data collection

Data collection is the start of data management within scientific research. We offer a variety of tools to enable data collection:

  • Telephone surveys
  • Internet surveys
  • Scanning or manual processing of¬†questionnaires
  • Case Report Forms (CRF)
  • Mobile data collecting
  • Customized software.

Information management

Data can originate from different sources. Data entry can be provided by us, but it is also a possibility to use data from external sources. For example:

  • Information from Ziekenhuis Informatie Systemen (ZIS)
  • Huisarts Informatie Systemen (HIS)
  • Information from health insurance companies

The management and cleaning of data and the development of databases and datawarehouses are expert areas within MEMIC. Scientific data is safely stored. Information data management at MEMIC means continuity. In some cases scientific data has been managed by us for over 20 years.

Knowledge Extraction

Researchers want to have fast and high-quality results. We offer possibilities to make information quickly and easily accessible to researchers. We use Business Intelligence Tools such as Microsoft Powerpivot. Besides this we offer the possibility to analyse data by using statistic analyses and data mining.


Privacy and security of your data

We place the utmost importance on guaranteeing privacy, as well as security of your research data. That is why MEMIC chooses to separately store person identifiable data and research data. Our employees are GCP-certified and aware of legislation and rules within this area.

Planning and logistic support

Data collection and ensuring that it is collected at the right time is a complex activity. Especially when large groups of people have to be tracked over a long period of time. We offer solutions through our own developed logistics system. This system can be deployed based on the researchers wishes.