For 40 years, MEMIC has been the partner for researchers in the area of data management. With our experience and expertise we can support your research in a professional manner.
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Scientific knowledge gathering

MEMIC can support projects with regard to data collection, information management and knowledge extraction. Doing this, we contribute to new scientific knowledge gathering. A question or assignment will be studied within context and together with you, our client, we will look for feasible solutions in which you can count on honest advice. You can use our products and services but in some cases you can also make use of collaborations with third parties.



MEMIC is active in a dynamic (IT) world. It is important to keep up with supply and demand. As new developments and technology are increasing rapidly, we have to make choices. A choice made today could be out-dated tomorrow. We cannot offer everything, because the field in which we operate is too broad and variable. Our first priority is to ensure quality. Our motto is: “we say what we do and we do what we say”, within agreements made on time-money-quality-information-organisation and always keeping risk control in mind.


Employees of MEMIC are working on diverse knowledge-levels en with different competences. Whether you have to start your investigation or are already analyzing, MEMIC can offer support and advice. That is what makes us unique. Our clients can count on honest and feasible advice. Not only can we give advice, we can also realize this advice together with you, our client. MEMIC feels responsible for all its assignments.


MEMIC has over 35 years of experience and invests in education and personal development of its employees. This way, MEMIC employees stay inspired and committed to their work. Being involved with the assignment and the client keeps our clients happy. That is our goal.

Our clients

MEMIC has 3 different types of clients:

  1. Employees FHML / MUMC+
  2. Other employees UM
  3. Externals.

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